Learn German in Berlin

Too shy to speak Goethe’s language? Join our German conversation course!

Ok, you’re finally in Berlin. New life, new home, new roommates. It’s time to turn over a new leaf!

You’ve studied for so many years and the time is right to practice your German language skills. So, you ask roommate to lend her hairbrush, and what?! She has slapped you on face! What’s wrong??? Maybe it’s time to understand the difference between Brüste (plural of die Brust – breast) and Bürste (hairbrush)!

Why a German conversation course can turn your life completely

Observation, listening, understanding, speaking: just a word… conversation! This is the real word-key to actually understand a foreign language, to grasp it and wear it like a glove.  Communication is the first human need. So anyone could imagine how essential the expression of ourselves is, and how important it is to speak clearly and accurately. But how can we learn that? Simply. Do it. You cannot study forever or connect with others through ancient scrolls, sooner or later you’ll be push into the universe and you must be ready to fight.

Berlino Schule’s German conversation course

Berlino Schule, leading school in language teaching in Berlin, is here to take you by the hand. Berlino Schule is pleased to announce a new German conversation course for those who want to practice and train the knowledge acquired studying on books, in the easiest and most natural way.  Qualified teacher with long-standing training, comfortable and friendly atmosphere is the precise mix to master German language.


The course will take place from the 24th April to 22nd May, every Wednesday, 18.30-20.45.

Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to deepen the knowledge and the comprehension of spoken German. Students will be able to understand the most important information of complex texts and they will be able to understand concrete and abstract subjects. At the end of this course, students will be able to understand technical conversations of their own specialization field so as to speak fluently in order to interact with native speakers. This course is thought for people having a minimum German B1 level, wishing to train and deepen their listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Our teachers 

Lessons are held by teachers with certified experience.

Required knowledge

Having acquired the knowledge of level B1.


230 €  whole course.

Info and registration

For further info@berlinoschule.com


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